Who Wins More Games in 2014, Cowboys or Texans?

Oh how the mighty have fallen.  How did the great state of Texas become such an NFL wasteland? 

On one had, you have the Dallas Cowboys who haven't sniffed greatness since Clinton was in office.  Since their last Super Bowl, they've gone through nine starting quarterbacks, five head coaches, and six losing seasons (not counting the plethora of 8-8 disappointments).  Then, you have the Houston Texans who, up until last season, had looked like a Super Bowl favorite coming out of the AFC.  Now, Texans fans are unsure going forward with a new coach, new quarterback, and aging stars in Arian Foster and Andre Johnson.  The two squads mustered up an embarrassing ten wins combined in 2013, but how will they fair in 2014?  And furthermore, who will have the better season?

The Dallas Cowboys are the definition of dreadful.  Posting their third straight 8-8 finish in 2013, they went on to, not only, not improve in the off season, but downgrade on the already shot defensive line.  Due to the cap genius that is Jerry Jones (sarcasm if you couldn't tell) the Boys lost DeMarcus Ware and Jason Hatcher to Free Agency.  They've also recently took a shot to their already horrendous secondary, losing Orlando Scandrick due to stupidity for the first four games of the season.  When a team already has historically the worst defense in history and then downgrade from there, no one expects anything more than another 8-8 season.  Looking at their schedule, I don't see more than 5 wins for Dallas (Rams, Texans, Jags, and spit with both Giants and Skins).

The Houston Texans are in an odd situation.  They have a championship caliber defense and a rebuilding offense.  While I like the hiring of Bill O'Brian, I'm not sold on Ryan Fitzpatrick as a starting quarterback.  When the Texans made their previous playoff runs (2) the offense was predicated on Arian Foster carrying the load and using play action off his success to air it out.  Does Arian Foster have more solid years in him or is he done?  We'll see but I don't think he can carry an offense anymore.  Looking at the Texans schedule, I see no more than four wins (Bills, Browns, and split with both Jags and Titans).

There you have it, the Cowboys win (so to speak).  Regardless of who has more or less wins, expect another sad NFL season in the state of Texas.