Craig Sager II Calls it Like he Sees it

It seems Spurs fans aren't the only ones befuddled to see the 2014 NBA Champions get snubbed by the ESPYs for Best Team.  Craig Sager Jr. sounded off via Twitter last night:

Spurs still haven't won ESPY for best team. 6 of 7 previous were NBA teams. I don't think they had a finals game where every player scored😂🙌
— Craig Sager II (@CraigSagerJr) July 17, 2014
The 49ers would've done the same thing to the Broncos. No team could've done to the Heat what the Spurs did.
— Craig Sager II (@CraigSagerJr) July 17, 2014

You have to admit, its ridiculous to think the Spurs, who demolished the defending champs in five games with some of the best team basketball we've ever seen (definitely the best we've seen since Magic and Bird) weren't the best team in all of sports.  I'm with Craig Jr. on this one.  Not taking anything away from the Seahawks' Super Bowl run but it should have been Spurs in a landslide.