San Antonio Billboard Praises Tim Duncan, Trolls Lebron James

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First we had the built vs bought campaign leading up to the NBA Finals.  Now, San Antonio is wasting Bilboard space trolling Lebron James?

Aynone who knows me, has talked to me, or has read any of my posts knows I'm a huge Spurs fan and a San Antonio native.  However, I think this billboard is absolutely ridiculous and classess!  San Antonio, our Spurs are the 2014 NBA Champions.  Why are we wasting time, money, and ad space talking about Lebron James?  What do we care what he does?  We should be celebrating the franchise's 5th NBA title and not giving a damn what Lebron James is doing right now.  As a Spurs fan, James doesn't exist to me right now, the only thing I care about is that Tim Duncan is coming back for, at least, one more season to try and repeat.

This bilboard should have praised Duncan and thanked him for making the Spurs relevant in the NBA and left James out of it.  I expect better from a city who is known for its classy team and fans.  Leave the Lebron James jokes to other cities and the national media, let's stay out of it and just enjoy this championship.