The Delusion That is the Dallas Cowboys Fan

We all know the guy.  The one who, while in a football debate, brings out the mother of all moronic, unreasonable, and irrelevant facts he thinks will end the debate, "we have 5 rings."  If you're like me, you want to backhand this idiot before he starts rambling off lines from "Austin Powers" or pulls out some zebra stripe gum, because he's obviously stuck in the 90s.  While there are Cowboys fans, like myself, that realize they are nothing more than an 8-8, marred franchise with a "football dumb" owner, the majority of Dallas Cowboys fans are completely delusional.  Why are fans stuck in this mindset, this since of greatness without being remotely that?  Why do 40% of Americans still call the Cowboys their team even in the midst of the most mediocre on field performances year end and year out for almost two decades?
To find the main cause of this false notion of elite status, look no further than the redneck billionaire who owns the team.  Jerry Jones knows nothing about X's and O's, how to draft based on team need, or how much a player is worth, but the man knows how ti market his team.  Anytime the microphone is available, Jones will take his chance to throw out how loved the Cowboys are or how close they are to winning a Super Bowl (eye roll).  I truly believe that people hear him say the Cowboys are a great team so much that fans actually start believing the man.  As long as people believe the garbage coming out of Jones' mouth, we will have delusional Cowboys fans.
Die-hard fans also play a role in this fool's paradise Cowboys fans live in.  For most of them, their memories of the Cowboys are the teams that won Super Bowls and they don't want to admit that what was once an unbeatable force is now nothing more than a side show circus.  These are the people who get duped into believing the whole "this is our year" campaign in August only to have their heart ripped out of their chest in week 17 when they choke away a playoff birth...again.  They'll be back next year though, these guys bleed blue and silver but are in dire need of a reality check.  Note that you will never convince them the Cowboys aren't one move away from winning their 6th title, don't even try.
Then there are the Tony Romo haters.  This group of Cowboys fans truly believe that if the Cowboys started anyone on the planet at quarterback over Tony Romo, the Cowboys would be a Super Bowl contenders.  Nevermind the fact that the Dallas defense couldn't stop a nosebleed, or that Jones hasn't had a decent draft since Nam.  These fans are some of the most unreasonable groups there is.  Case in point, Romo leads the Dallas offense against the Denver Broncos and drops 48 points on them in one of the most spectacular offensive performances of his career.  Under two minutes in the game, Romo throws an untimely interception and the Cowboys en up losing 51-48.  This groups immediately blames the loss on Tony Romo and complete eludes the fact that the defense didn't make one stop the entire four quarters.  The Romo haters will continue to blame the guy until he either retires or wins a Super Bowl, I see retirement happening first.
While the majority of Cowboys fans are completely delusional, 40% of the country still dawns the blue and silver.  They are still America's team, do they deserve the title?  Absolutley not, but, as for now, its still theirs.