Hold the Phone: Melo's Not Going to South Beach

The San Antonio Spurs dismantled the Miami Heat in the 2014 NBA Finals.  So, naturally, national media outlets have to fabricate a story to keep the Heat in the headlines.  The recent trending story around the league and social media, is the rumor of Carmelo Anthony teaming up with Lebron James and crew to form an even stronger "super team." (you know, the one who was a Ray Allen miss away from going 1-3 in the Finals).  Let me put the ridiculous rumor to rest.  Melo is not going to take his ball hogging talents to south beach.  Not only would the Heat have to restructure nearly every player's contract to make cap room, but Anthony would be leaving nearly $79 million in guaranteed money on the table.  

We just witnessed the San Antonio Spurs annihilate the Heat with ball movement and swarming team defense.  Neither of those begins to describe Carmelo Anthony's game.  Lebron James is a terrific facilitator and the Heat's offense works best when he gets the entire team involved.  Why would he want to stagnate his offense by adding the "give me the ball and everyone else get out of the way" mindset of Anthony?  It was clear the Heat missed key role players like Mike Miller in the Finals this year, why not try and sign a few role players to give James some help off the bench instead of adding a ball hog?

When you look at this "super team" rumor, I mean actually look at it, its a joke, a wet dream that will never happen.  Honestly, if you're a Heat fan, you should pray it doesn't happen.  Worry about keeping Lebron James happy and add some guys around him if you want the Heat to remain a title contender.