Why Does Bill Simmons Still Have a Job?

Hes an idiot, a nuisance, a disgrace to the basketball world

The NBA has seen plenty of annoying, moronic folks in the national media but I can think of no one more worthless and idiotic than NBA Countdown's Bill Simmons.  Simmons has been plaguing viewers with garbage takes which include constant flip flopping and being consistently wrong picking games.  Not to mention his whiny voice rivals that of an eight year old who "really really wants that toy."

With the NBA Playoffs in full swing, its almost impossible to avoid seeing Simmons and having to sit through the torture of listening to him talk "basketball."  If it weren't for Jalen Rose, Grantland would have absolutely no credibility.  I now know why he calls his segment "the BS Report" because its just that.

I'm not alone in thinking this way, just ask Doc Rivers:

I'm with you Doc.  In fact, I have him on my list of most annoying sports media personalities.  Bill Simmons: the guy who ran Magic Johnson, the most knowledgeable guy on the KIA NBA Countdown crew, out the door!  The guy who ran the best coach the Celtics have seen since Red Auerbach to Los Angeles!  He's an idiot, a nuisance, a disgrace to the basketball world, and he's got to go!