What is Racism?

The sport's world has been engulfed by the story of Clippers' owner Donald Sterling and his racist remarks.  I for one agree with Commissioner Adam Silver's decision to bring the hammer down on Sterling and applaud Silver for being so stern (or the opposite of Stern, really).  However, something displeasing to me has shown through in the light of all the madness.  While Sterling's comments and views towards minorities are disgusting and uncalled for, there are others out there who have gotten a pass on racist comments and it begs the question, What is racism?

In wake of Sterling's comments, former NBA player and current Knicks' executive got on Twitter and called for an all black league.  No one batted an eye at these comments.  There was no apology issued, no fine or suspension, no media outrage, no public outcry for vengeance, the world was focused solely on Sterling.  Why is it that Johnson, an employee of the NBA, can broadcast a campaign for a racially segregated league?  Is it because he's black?  Can African-Americans not be classified as racist?  Or is it just that a rich, white, team owner with a history of racism is a "sexier" story for media outlets?  

Subsequently, when Chris Paul came to the Clippers a few seasons ago, it was rumored that he wanted to play for a black coach.  It was never proven that Paul said this, but could you imagine if, say, Kevin Love was rumored that he only wanted to play for a white coach?  The media would have demolished him the second the rumor was leaked.

When did we, as a society, get this way?  When did being a racist become synonymous with being white?  I am in no way trying to defend Donald Sterling, Riley Cooper, or any other white person saying racist things.  All I want to see is anyone who suggests that someone else is lesser due to race, creed, cultural background, etc. be dealt with the same way.  Racism is not a white problem, its a human problem and should be treated as such.