Can the Seahawks Repeat?

What are the chances of the champs repeating next season?

They're the last ones standing, the best of the best.  The Seattle Seahawks are your Super Bowl XLVIII champs.  They did it with one of the most stellar defenses we've seen in recent years and with an unusually young team to boot.  What are the chances of the champs repeating next season?  Although its still early and anything can happen during the course of a grueling NFL season, there are  three reasons I believe Seattle could very well repeat next year.

1. Youth

The Seahawks are the youngest team in the NFL with an average age of 25.7.  This means less injuries and faster recovery time from injuries that do occur.  Youth will also play a factor in the players' mindset next season.  Many players nearing the end of their career may feel accomplished with a Super Bowl victory but the advantage of a young ball club is the hunger will still be there to be better than they are.  Look for this young ball club to come back next season focused and poised for a repeat.

2. A Locked up Roster

Not only are they young but most of the major players on the roster are locked up for a least two more seasons.  Cam Chancellor and Percy Harvin are under contract until 2018 and 2019 while Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch don't become free agents until 2016.  They will however have to pay Richard Sherman somewhere around the $10-12 million a year range to retain him but I'd look for them to part ways from Brandon Browner and deal Sydney Rice's contract to make up cap space to resign Sherman.  With most of the key players locked into contracts for the next few years this team will be dominant force for the foreseeable future.

3. Pete Carroll 

He's won on the college level and now the NFL.  Pete Carroll is regarded by many NFL players as the coach they want to play for.  In college, Carroll was a master at recruiting and piecing together a championship team every season.  Just think of how dominant he could possibly be with a team he built that won't have to be rebuilt during the off season.  He has a certain way of getting the most out of his players and I see Carroll having this team ready to contend again come August.

It is a near impossible task to accomplish, so much that only 5 teams have made it happen (Green Bay, Pittsburgh, Dallas, Denver, and New England).  If Seattle can keep the same mindset and steer clear of the injury bug in 2014, they could be hoisting another Lombardi trophy next season, only time will tell.  As for now they are the champs and until someone else takes that title from them, that is what they will remain.