Tim Duncan is Better Than Kobe Bryant

Duncan is the greatest player of his era, greater than Kobe Bryant.

When the debate "Who's the greatest" comes up, its usually a three man race between Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, and of course Michael Jordan.  However, one super star gets left out of the conversation, Tim Duncan.  Maybe its because he's a PF and not a shooter, maybe its because he plays D&D in his spare time instead of tweeting or making vine videos.  Whatever the reason, he deserves to be in the conversation, Duncan is the greatest player of his era, greater than Kobe Bryant.

Before any angry Kobe fans jump on me, let's take a look at their careers side by side:

In Tim Duncan's career (currently in his 17th season) he's received Rookie of the year, 2 time regular season MVP, 3 time Finals MVP, 4 time NBA Champion, 14 NBA All-star appearances, All-NBA first team 10 times, All-NBA defensive first team 8 times.  He ranks 6th in playoff scoring, and 1st in playoff blocks.

In Kobe Bryant's career (currently 18th season) he's received MVP once, Finals MVP twice, 5 time NBA Champion, 15 time NBA All-star, 10 time All-NBA first team, 9 time All-NBA defensive first team.  He ranks 3rd in playoff scoring, and he's won he NBA scoring title twice.

Furthermore, Tim Duncan's winning percentage bests Kobe's .712 to .663 and has never missed the playoffs, Kobe missed once in the 04-05 season.

Both stars have had very decorated careers, but Duncan edges Kobe out in MVPs, and Finals MVPs so I have to say Duncan is better than Kobe Bryant.