Is This Year's Robert Griffin, Last Year's Cam Newton?

Robert Griffin's Sophomore campaign hasn't gone the way he had planned.  Through week 12 the Redskins are sitting last in the division at 3-8, Griffin has thrown 14 TDs, 11 INTs, and has 2,841 passing yards.  It has been devastation to say the least.  Still, as some label is a bust, let's look at a player who's rebounded from a similar 2nd season and has been lights out in 2013.

Cam Newton, through week 12 of 2012, was 3-8 with 11 TDs, 10 INTs, and 2,701 passing yards.  He was getting ripped on the sidelines by veteran receiver Steve Smith and refused to take any blame for losing during post game press conferences.  Sound familiar?

Cam Newton turned himself around and turned the Panthers around.  They are now 8-3 and a real Super Bowl contender.  Can Robert Griffin III pull and Cam Newton and bring his team back to winning fashion in 2014?  If he gets his mind right and plays his game, the answer is definately.