The Brady Bunch

Kenbrell Thompkins and Aaron Dobson.  Ya, I didn't know who they were before the 2013 NFL season started either but they have combined for 942 yards and 8 TDs this season.  

In a year where Tom Brady was suppose to be reeling from the loss of Wes Welker and Aaron Hernandez, as well as the injured Rob Gronkowski, he and the Patriot's offense have been anything but hindered.  The Patriots rank 6th in offensive ppg with just over 26.  Tom Brady has made it clear during his career, if you doubt him, he will show you up.  Just ask the six QBs that were drafted before him, just ask Peyton Manning who is 4-10 all time vs Brady.  

Tom Brady takes mediocre talent and makes them look amazing, Tom Brady is in a league of his own amongst the Peyton Manning's and Aaron Rodgers' of the NFL.  Tom Brady is a sure first ballot Hall-of-Famer and possibly the greatest to play the QB position.