Is it Possible for the NFC East to Produce Two Playoff Teams?

Let's not sugar coat it, the NFC East has been horrendous this year.  There are 2 teams under .500 and the other two are 5-5.  Still, is it possible two teams in the division can make the playoffs?

Yes, it is.  Right now the wildcard leaders are the Panthers (7-3) and the San Francisco 49ers (6-4).  Its safe to say the 9ers' offense has been dreadful as of late, and you can't really chalk any game up as a win for them.  Likewise, the Panthers, who are arguably the hottest team in the NFL, still play New Orleans twice.  Either of those teams can have a bad week or two and drop a Wildcard spot.  If Philly and Dallas can string together a few wins, its possible one of them could sneak into the last Wildcard spot.  

If you would have told me three weeks ago the the worst division in the NFL could possibly field two playoff squads, I'd laugh in your face.  Thats' why we love football though isn't it?  Anything is possible.