Are the Houston Texans Doing their Best Dallas Cowboys Impression?

They started the season as Super Bowl favorites, now they're 2-7.  They've had three different QBs start this season and settled on an undrafted young gun.  They just released a future Hall of Fame Veteran Safety.  Wade Phillips was not successful as their head coach. They are the laughing stock of professional football in Texas.  I'm not talking about the Dallas Cowboys (for a change) I'm talking about the Houston Texans.  The season began bright with a 2-0 start, the NFL's top defense, basically what everyone expected, then, it all went wrong.  Matt Shaub broke an NFL record for consecutive games throwing a pick 6 with 4, so when he went down the Texans fans cheered, only to watch backup QB TJ Yates throw one in the same game.  Arian Foster has been ruled out for the season with a back injury, Brian Cushing tore his ACL, head coach Gay Kubiak had a minor stroke on the sidelines and was rushed to the hospital, they are in the middle of a 7 game losing streak, and Ed Reed was just released because he didn't agree with the coaching style.  This has been the Texans season, in a nutshell.  At this point they should just mail it in and draft a QB in the upcoming loaded draft.  Kase Keenum has been good but he will not take the Texans to the Super Bowl, their obvious goal.  In a year where the Dallas Cowboys can't hang on to a lead in the worst division in football, its nothing short of bizarre that they are the team in Texas with the least amount of problems.