Weekly What If: Tim Duncan Were Drafted by the Celtics?

He's arguably the best power forward to play the game,  he's got four NBA titles, 3 NBA Finals MVPs, back to back regular season MVPs, and many more accolades.  Tim Duncan is a champion inside and out, but would it have been the same if he would have gone to the lottery favorite, Boston, in 1997?  Would he have developed into the superstar he is without the guidance of David Robinson and Greg Popovich, without the media "privacy" of small market San Antonio?  For many in the city of Boston the question still lingers, "What if?"  Since the Spurs landed Tim Duncan they have been ridiculously consistent winning 4 NBA titles, 16 straight seasons with 50+ wins, and a league leading winning percentage of .704.  Hindsight is 20/20 and its easy to say Duncan would have brought greatness to the city of Boston, but no one really knows that for sure.  Still it is fun to sit back and think, What if?