Fins Win in Wake of a Safety

It was the sloppiest, craziest, best Thursday Night game this year.  On one side you have Andy Dalton, who hadn't thrown an INT since it seemed like his TCU days, put on his best Carson Palmer impression and threw three.  Then you have Ryan Tannehill who's been known for his carelessness with the ball, throw zero.  The turnovers would eventually lead to the demise of the Bengals when in over time Miami's Cameron Wake busted through the line on a 3rd down and sacked Dalton in the end zone for a game ending safety.  

This was a huge win for the Dolphins, a team who hadn't seen a W since September 22.  All wasn't good during the first four quarters as Miami nearly choked away a 17-3 lead but ultimately a win is a win in the NFL and they pulled it off.  For Cincinnati, the future looks a little murky, seeing as they are a Super Bowl hopeful.  However, great teams don't lay eggs like the Bengals, 2 of their 3 losses have come against a sub .500 squad .  It will be interesting to see if this loss holds them back or not, still a ton of football to be played.