Player Safety: How Far is Too Far?

Roger Goodell as well as others in the NFL have been campaigning for player safety but how far is too far?  The consensus around the league seems to be that the rules being implemented are in the best interest of the players.  However some, myself included, believe that too many regulations can actually have a negative effect on the overall enjoyment of the game.  Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks is a proponent for letting players play the game.  "Football is a dangerous, violent way to make a living. Players know that—now more than ever—and are willing to live with the risks. So don't try to water down what's best about the game" says Sherman. I tend to agree with him.  Players are well aware of the risks of playing football and still sign on the dotted line.  If the players are willing to play football and understand the risks, they should do so no questions asked. 

As for the NFL, I'm not so sure they really care about player safety as much as they say.  They make all these rules and claim player safety is their number one goal yet Goodell and many others are lobbying for a longer season.  In a brutal 16 game schedule in which tons of players go down each week, how does adding games stay consistent with ensuring player safety?  Just keep the 16 games and take away some of the ridiculous rules and let football be football.