The Bucs (fans) Stop Here

Why does Tampa Bay fill Raymond James Stadium for the 0-7 Bucs, but can't fill up half of Tropicana Field for a Rays Playoff game?

In the 2013 season, The Tampa Bay Rays averaged a league worst 18,645 per game attendance.  Subsequently, the Buccaneers this season have averaged 56,851 a game, which still ranks bottom three in the NFL but is leaps and bounds better than the Rays can get in the stands.  Why is it that a bad football team can get higher attendance than a really good baseball team?  Could it be the venue?  Do people not like going to Tropicana Field? seems to think so saying "Tropicana Field is not the best place to see a ballgame. It's indoors, concrete, has artificial turf and just generally has a sterile feel to it." They also touch on the location "The Trop is in St. Petersburg, a fairly good distance through heavy traffic from Tampa...Tampa residents do not particularly like the drive to the ballpark from what I've read, which can take a long time during rush hour."  This begs the question, "would a new stadium in a better location help attendance?"  I wish that were the case, but for now it just seems like people in Tampa aren't interested in baseball.  It's a shame because they are a great franchise who deserves better.