World Series Prediction:

This will be a great match-up between the Boston Red Sox and the St. Louis Cardinals.  Who will win?  That is a tough call.  I look back at recent history to try and gather some insight on who to pick but just got even more confused on who I thought would win.  For instance, the team with home field advantage has won since 2009 so I wanted to go with the Red Sox, but, two years ago The Cardinals ripped my heart out and beat the Rangers in 7 games, so I could go with them as well.  Then I looked at the match up a little closer.  I thought "Cardinals pitching is superior to the Red Sox's" but I thought that about the Tigers and saw them get out managed with the Red Sox essentially taking the first pitch every at bat in the ALCS.  At this point I'm am completely lost on who I thought would win, almost to the point where I flipped a coin.  Then, I remembered back to 2011 and the name David Freese came to mind.  He will be the x-factor in the Fall Classic yet again.  If Freese is on, the Cardinals will win, if not, the Red Sox will.  My final pick: Freese will be clutch in game 6 and the St. Louis Cardinals will once again be World Champions.  Cardinals in 6 games.