Breaking Down the BCS Rankings: Why did FSU pass up Oregon?

Both teams have destroyed their opponents in every game thus far.  Both teams put up a ton of points, and both teams play pretty good defense.  The difference is clear, FSU has a signature win over Clemson, Oregon does not.  I think the 51-14 beat down of ACC favorites Clemson put the Seminoles slightly ahead of the Ducks, for now.  There is still plenty of football to be played and if last week's upsets are any inclination of what's to come, the BCS title game is still up for grabs.   Oregon still has to play UCLA and Stanford but I'm not sure if winning those will overtake the FSU over Clemson win.  If everyone wins out, the final BCS championship game will be Alabama vs FSU and Ducks' fans as well as Ohio State fans will be infuriated.  I do think if one of these teams loses a team that could jump ahead, assuming they win out, is Baylor.  Yes, Baylor!  The Bears are dropping 70 points on teams.  Their remaining games are at Kansas, at OU, vs Texas Tech, at OK ST, at TCU and vs UT.  Run the table there and I can see them jumping into the BCS championship.