Spurs' Rodeo Road Trip 2015

The San Antonio Spurs are wrapping up their six game home stand tonight vs the Miami Heat and gearing up for the 2015 version of the annual Rodeo Road Trip.  With a tougher than usual schedule and a team that just hasn't meshed yet, could we be seeing the first sub .500 Rodeo trip in franchise history?

While the Spurs haven't yet found the "mojo" that got them the 2014 NBA Title, one could argue its been due to injury.  After all, how can a team that hasn't played together this year have chemistry?  With the return of Marco Belinelli Wednesday night, the Spurs are finally healthy this season and that leads this writer to believe big things are coming the way of San Antonio.

While the Spurs sit at the number seven spot in the Western Conference, they are still only three games out of a top three seed and nine games back of first.  While nine games is going to be tough in the West, its not unattainable by any means.  With the Western Conference being so competitive, one can only believe that every team is going to hit a rough patch at some point in the season.  Maybe San Antonio has ridden through that storm?  At any rate, its no secret that no team wants to be playing their best basketball at this point in the season.  If the Spurs hit stride during the Road Trip and a few teams trail off a bit, those old men of the Alamo are right back in the thick of things.

Historically, the Rodeo Road Trip is the time of year where the Spurs come together as a team and really start to gel.  Players being forced to spend weeks with each other build a report with one another and its shown year end and year out.  So why should 2015 be any different?  As I mentioned earlier, the Spurs have never recorded a sub .500 record on the Rodeo Road Trip, which dates back to 2003, with a combined Road Trip record of 71-26.

This year poses probably the toughest Road Trip schedule I've seen.  

LA Clippers
Golden State

Of those nine teams, five of them are playoff teams as of today and 4 of the 5 are a top five seed in their conference.  With little down time and three back to backs, its primed to be the toughest Rodeo Road Trip to date.  However, I still don't see the Spurs doing worse than 6-3 and wouldn't be surprised with 7-2.  This is the time of year we see the Spurs blossom and become a true title contender.  I've been on record saying this team will come together, run off a streak and get a top 4 seed and I believe it starts with this road trip.