JaMychal Green: Welcome to San Antonio

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports
Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

In recent days, the San Antonio Spurs have made a move.  No, not a blockbuster trade involving 15 players and 9 teams.  Not signing a recently released free agent with character issues a la Josh Smith.  The Spurs, once again, quietly made their team better.  San Antonio waived forward Austin Daye and promoted D-League standout JaMychal Green from the Austin Spurs, signing him to a 10 day contract.

Many would look at this move and wonder, what's the significance?  All the Spurs did was replace one bench player with another.  Truth be told, Green's potential, at this point, is nothing more than just that.  However, through 20 games in the D-League for the Austin Spurs, Green has averaged 22 points and 10 boards per game.  Pair that with his size (6-8 230 lb) and his better defense production, and what the Spurs did was potentially find something they've been lacking, a legitimate back up for star forward Kawhi Leonard.

Green has been very dynamic with his game this year.  Shooting nearly 58% from the field and 36% from three, he can stretch the floor and ad yet another assassin to the arsenal that is the Spurs' offense.  At 6'8" and 230 lbs, he's no slouch in the paint either.  If Green pans out in Pop's system, he'll be another great find for the franchise.  Here are some of Green's top plays in the D-League this year.