How Times Have Changed

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

What is going on in major sports right now?

If we were in the nineties and I asked you who was considered in America's team in each of the three major sports in America, the answers would clearly be the Cowboys, Lakers and Yankees.  However, an anomaly has occurred somewhere in the past few years.  Now, it seems no one wants any part of these teams and I want to know why.

It started with the steady decline of the Dallas Cowboys in the late nineties.  We started seeing big name guys passing on the Big D and singing elsewhere.  Some of that is due to the terrible cap management of Jerry Jones but poor coaching, work ethic and morale have played a part as well.  We then saw the same trend in the MLB with players heading west to places like Los Angeles, Oakland and North like Detroit and Chicago.  In an uncapped league, its unfathomable to think the Yankees can't lure big name guys to play for them.  Now, the plague has come full circle, hitting the purple and gold.  Most of that, however, is a combination of Jim Buss destroying his father's legacy and Kobe Bryant's unwillingness to take a pay cut in order to sign some talent around him.

Whatever the case may be, we're seeing a new age of sports.  One that isn't dominated by a single market but spread out all over the nation.  With sports packages like Sunday Ticket and League Pass, as well as the internet, fans aren't subject to watching only what the national media outlets put in front of them.  People are buzzing about the "Splash Brothers" in Oakland, the ultimate team-oriented team in San Antonio, and the QB coach tandem that won't slowdown in Foxborough.  Hell, even the Cubbies are making moves in free agency.

In many ways, these teams have reaped what the sow.  The Cowboys' owner, Jerry Jones nearly ran the franchise into the ground (granted his last couple drafts have been good ones drafting a great offensive line).  The Lakers over paid an old, injury prone Kobe Bryant and the Yankees spent too much time and money on players who used to be great.  

Times have definietly changed and its safe to say the Lakers, Cowboys and Yankees aren't the progams of notariety int heir respected sports.  Will this be a continued trend?  Who knows.  It doesn't look like its turning around anytime soon, though.