Ranking the San Antonio Spurs Championship Teams

The San Antonio Spurs just tacked on their fifth title in franchise history.  Throughout the five championship runs they've faced many great teams and played in a ton of tough series.  But which team is the best team in Spurs' history?  Which team had the best run to the Larry O'Brien Trophy?  Here's all five Championship teams ranked in order of greatness.

5. 2003 (Spurs-4 Nets-2) Finals MVP- Tim Duncan

This one was bittersweet for all Spurs fans.  On one hand, the Spurs just got done winning their second NBA Championship.  On the other hand, the franchise's best Center was on his way out.  Out of all the Spurs' championship runs, this one had it the easiest.  Heading into the playoffs after a 60-22 regular season, the Spurs never went passed six games against anyone.  In fact, every series went exactly six games.  They faced the New Jersey Nets in the NBA Finals, the weakest opponent of all their Finals' opponents.  This was still a great team, but in the realm of the Spurs' dynasty, this wasn't near the best championship team they had.

4. 2007 (Spurs-4 Cavs-0) Finals MVP- Tony Parker

In 2007, the Spurs won their fourth Championship in franchise history and third in five years.  They finished the season 58-24 and 2nd in the Southwest division behind Dallas.  They played a fairly weak playoff schedule of Denver, Phoenix, Utah and Cleveland, only losing four games along the way.  The highlight of this playoff run was Bruce Bowen seemingly dominating on the defensive end, most notably against Lebron James in the Finals.

3. 2005 (Spurs-4 Pistons-3) Finals MVP- Tim Duncan

In 2005, the Spurs headed into the playoffs after a 59-23 regular season.  Heading into the Finals, they had only lost four games and were facing the defending Champion Detroit Pistons.  The 2005 Finals was one of the most exciting Finals in history with the series going the distance of seven games.  If it weren't for Robert Horry saving the day in game five and the Spurs' having home court advantage, thing may have ended differently.  Ultimately, the Spurs won game seven on their home floor and completed the second phase of their dynasty run in the 2000s.

2. 1999 (Spurs-4 Knicks-1) Finals MVP-Tim Duncan

Due to a shortened season, the Spurs finished the fifty game regular season with a record of 37-13.  This Spurs team had one of the most dominant playoff performances of all time, losing only two games (one in the first round to the Timberwolves and one in the Finals against the Knicks).  The first of the five, this team was the team that started it all.  Shutting down the Forum for good, the Memorial Day Miracle, the Avery Johnson baseline jumper to seal game five in New York, this season was magical all the way around.  

1. 2014 (Spurs-4 Heat-1) Finals MVP- Kawhi Leonard

This is one of the best teams ever assembled in NBA history, let alone in Spurs history.  The entire nation watched as the Spurs murdered basketball en route to their fifth NBA title in franchise history.  Playing the entire season with the sour taste of the Championship being stripped from the the year prior, San Antonio steam rolled the defending champion Miami Heat 4-1 in a series that was never close.  This team played some of the best team basketball we will ever see and won the ultimate prize because of it.

Spurs fans have a lot to be proud of, these five teams in particular.  Now, in 2014-2015, they look to do something this franchise has never accomplished before, repeat as NBA Champions.