Could the Big XII Have Two Teams in the Playoffs?

The Big XII Conference has been scrutinized all season long for being an inferior conference when it comes to overall talent.  Yet, there's a chance of not one but two Big XII teams getting into the playoffs this year.

Baylor (5) and TCU (4) could both end up in the top four after next week's "Conference Championship" week.  Granted, the Big XII doesn't have a Championship game, so that could hurt one of them, presumably TCU.  While both teams play next week, Baylor will be the Conference Champions if both win out due to the head to head match up.  However, I think they can still both get in.  Ohio St plays Wisconsin for the Big Ten Championship.  If Ohio St wins, I see them jumping TCU, though, Ohio St is on the third string QB so its not totally outlandish to believe the Badgers can take them next Saturday.  Even if Ohio St does win, there's still the chance of Arizona beating Oregon in the Pac 12 championship.  However, with Arizona (8) at 10-2, beating Oregon for the second time in the same season could propel them into a playoff spot.  Of course, there's always the SEC title game between Alabama (1) and Missouri (14) but I don't see an upset brewing there. 

In any case, its going to be a wild finish and a must watch Saturday of football.  The Horned Frogs and Bears can only do what's in their power, beat Iowa St and Kansas St.

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