Did the Texans Miss Out on Derek Carr?

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

It was all lined up for them, taking the stud defensive lineman with the first overall pick, sitting with the first pick of the second round and an absolute dire need for a quarterback, it was a no brainer to take Derek Carr out of Fresno State, right?  Wrong, they took an offensive lineman instead.

Did the woes of Derek's older brother, David, scare the Texans out of drafting him?  If so, it seems foolish and unfair to compare siblings like that.  Just ask my slightly less attractive and athletic younger brother. Just kidding, Corey...kinda.  Instead of taking Carr, the Texans opted to wait until the fourth round to take some guy named Tom Savage.  I know nothing about him except that he may or may not have starred in "The Wonder Years" making him nearly forty, not ideal for a rookie qb.

Bottom line, the Texans missed big time on what could have been their franchise quarterback, something the Texans have never had.  While the Raiders are a piss poor 1-10, Carr has played well in his debut season, better than any of the other rookie quarterbacks taken in last year's draft.  He also would have been under different circumstances than his brother.  The Texans are an established franchise with an offensive and defensive identity, unlike when David made his debut with them as an expansion team with all new faces.  He also would have had veteran leadership from guys like Arian Foster and Andre Johnson.  And, most importantly, he would have had one of the best head coaches for molding a young quarterback in Bill O'Brien.  All signs point to success for both Carr and the Texans.

The Texans may have just set their franchise back a few years simply because Derek's last name is Carr.  Houston missed big time on this kid and I think they made a huge mistake.

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