Cowboys Play Three Games in Twelve Days, Player Safety not on Goodell's Radar

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We've heard NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell preach for years about player safety.  He's implemented rule after rule, softening the game claiming its all in the interest of keeping the players healthy.  Yet, he then has contradicted himself on numerous occasions showing the man's true colors.  The NFL doesn't care about player safety at all.

If you refer to an earlier piece of mine, you'll notice I've spotted inconsistencies in Goodell's claims to upholding player safety as his number one prioirty.  Well, yet another situation has arose that proves my "hunch" accurate.  Did anyone else realize the Dallas Cowboys will play their next three games in the span of only twelve days?  That's not a typo, folks.  Dallas will play the New York Giants this Sunday Night in East Rutherford.  They then will host the Philadelphia Eagles on November 27th for their annual Thanksgiving game.  I've already expressed my feelings about teams playing Thursday night games following playing on Sunday Night.  There's just not enough time to recuperate in between kickoffs.  However, that's not even where it ends.  Dallas will then play in Chicago Thursday December 4th, one week after Thanksgiving.

Tell me, Mr. Goodell.  How can you be so pro player safety, yet allow a team to play so many games in such a short amount of time?  I'm sure it has nothing to do with the revenue a team like the Cowboys brings your league?  This is just another example of how Goodell is watering down the game with penalties "in the name of player safety" and disregarding the fact that adequate time to rest is an after thought to him when it means losing a few precious dollars.

FYI, easy solution.  Slide the Cowboys bye week back one week and we don't have an issue at all.  I'm no NFL scheduling genius, but that seems like a no brainer.