Tim Duncan Joins Kareem

The greatest power forward of all time joined the greatest center of all time last night.

Tim Duncan joined the ranks with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as the only players in NBA history to accomplish 25,000 points, 14,000 rebounds and 2,500 blocks.  It was fitting that Tim achieved this goal against his long time rival, Kobe Bryant who seems to be on the down spiral of his career while Duncan stays as consistent as he was in 2007.  How has Timmy played as well as he has for so long?

The combination of hard work, a new diet and workout plan and coach Pop limiting Tim's minutes has increased his longevity in the league.  It doesn't hurt that he took less money so RC Buford could put some actual talent around him instead of $24 million a year to play on the league's worst team.  "Experts" have been saying Duncan is in his last year for 5-6 years now and the man continues to show these youngsters how fundamentals super seed raw talent alone.  For instance, if its game seven of the Western Conference Finals and the Spurs are playing the Clippers to see who will represent the West in the NBA Finals, give me Timmy D over Black Griffin any day.  He's been there, he won't flame out under the pressure, and he flat out knows how to get it done in crunch time.

Realistically, we all know deeap down that Tim is going to hang his sneakers up for good very soon.  For anyone who has had the pleasure of wittnessing not just the greatest power forward ever, but one of the greatest players and champions in NBA history, I say, soak it in because when he's gone, he's gone.  There will be other stars after Timmy retires but there will still only be ONE Tim Duncan.