UTSA Football: Time For Coker to Stick with Austin Robinson

In a season that's been anything but ideal, the 2-7 UTSA Roadrunners find themselves not only at the tail end of their first disappointing season, but wondering which way to go at quarterback for the remaining three games.  Head coach Larry Coker has been on record saying the only reason Senior Tucker Carter has started thus far is playbook knowledge and overall in game experience.  While that is true, him knowing the plays and being three years senior to his back up hasn't won any games for the Roadrunners.  Isn't it time to plan ahead for the future?  Get ready for next season?  At 2-7, they've already been eliminated from a bowl contention.  What's left to save this season?

Tucker Carter is a Senior and will not return next season, so why continue to start him at quarterback when you have a promising Freshman in Austin Robinson behind him.  Robinson, who's started several games for UTSA, is athletic, has a solid arm and takes pretty good care of the football.  His only knock has been his knowledge of the playbook, or lack there of.  With three games left in the season, why not give this kid as many reps as you can.  If he is the guy going forward, let's give him the most game time experience he can get.

Not only does the extremely green quarterback need the snaps, but next season he and running back Jarveon Williams will be the only starters with any significant experience on the offense.  The Roadrunners had an astounding 19 returning starters this season, including 10 on offense (everyone but quarterback Eric Soza).  Seeing how terrible the offense has benn this season, bringing in an entire new squad might be devastating in 2015, unless they're lead by an experienced and confident quarterback.  

Austin Robinson is a bright spot in an otherwise horrendous season of football for the budding UTSA program.  He's shown sparks of how good he can be going forward but he needs to the playing time to improve, what better time than now?