Spurs Big Three Will Make History (Yet Again) in 2015

Four NBA Championships, 500 wins, and a plethora of individual awards.  The Spurs big three have been every bit of amazing over the past thirteen seasons.  After last night's win over the Los Angeles Clippers, they join he ranks of Bird, McHale and Parish as the only trios in history to win 500 games together.  But that's not all.  Given that fifty wins is almost a certainty, Tim, Tony, and Manu are set to pass the Boston trio in total wins.  Assuming the hit just (a mere) 50 in the w column this season, that would put them at 547 wins together, seven greater than Boston's 540.  I think its safe to say this is the biggest big three we have ever seen in NBA history.

Looking back on this magical journey these three have been on together, one can't help but get a chill down their spine when thinking about all they have accomplished together.  It really is amazing to think how it was even possible to keep this threesome together all these years.  In a league full of money hungry, non-loyal, egotistical players, it really is remarkable that these three were able to get over themselves and willing to sacrifice money, the spotlight and playing time for the greater good of the team.  Each one of them has been courted by other teams and each of them came back to San Antonio because they truly believed in what this franchise stands for and knew just how special it could and eventually would be.

Anyone who has been lucky enough to watch these guys play over the past thirteen years, just know how special what you're witnessing is.  Know that you may never seen anything like it again.  Know that you got to watch the best big three in NBA history.