UT or A&M, Who Has a Better Shot at a Thanksgiving Upset?

Texas, the state known for football domination.  Except, this year, its been pretty meek unless you're team's Baylor or TCU.  For the two most notable football programs in the state, Texas and Texas A&M, 2014 has been a roller coaster ride, to say the least.  One team rebuilding in the post Mack Brown era and finding their identity under new Coach Charlie Strong.  The other, reeling from life without Johnny Football.  However, there is some light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak.  With a couple of games coming up on Thanksgiving matchups that could end up as an upset win for either team heading into Bowl selection.  Who's got a better shot at pulling an upset, UT vs TCU, or A&M over LSU?


the UT Longhorns will host the TCU Horned Frogs at Memorial Stadium on Thanksgiving and while the Frogs are heavy favorties, it wouldn't be shocking to see an upset.  TCU has been dominant this year, except for when playing on the road.  Their last three road games were a 34-30 slim win over Kansas, a 31-30 win over a very good West Virginia team, and their lone loss 61-58 to Baylor.  This game is in Austin and the Texas defense has been playing well lately, holding Oklahoma State to seven points on Saturday and West Virginia to only 16 a week prior.  Charlie Strong seems to have this program turning around and they could very well pull this upset on thanksgiving as UT is 47-21-3 all time on Turkey Day.  While I see UT winning as a very viable outcome, I hope TCU pulls out the win for the simple fact that I want a Big 12 team in the Playoffs and TCU is really the conference's only shot. 

A&M vs LSU

When I think of the Aggies, Bipolar comes to my mind.  You really never know which A&M you're going to get.  Will it be the football playing sons of guns that beat South Carolina to a pulp and ruined Auburn's title hopes, or will we get the defenseless, pathetic performance they put together vs Alabama in week eight?  In all honesty, this one wouldn't be that much of an upset considering LSU has been wishy washy as well.  However, the Tigers did beat Ole Miss and I have them as slight favorites on Thanksgiving.  This game will come down to which team decides to actually show up.  Given it being a home game, A&M has a real shot at the win.  I'm really not leaning one way or the other.  I think it'll be a close game.  Whether its a good game to watch or not depends on if either team decides to actually play up to their standards.

I know its been three years but its still weird for me to see the Longhorns and Aggies playing someone else on Thanksgiving.  However, given the two matchups, I see the Ags with the best shot at winning next Thursday.