Best Role Players in Spurs History

The Spurs have had many great teams over the years.  Five of them have gone the distance and hoisted the Larry O'Brien Trophy.  While every team has at least one super star on it, its usually the team with the best roll players, or "others as Shaq calls them, that go on to win the NBA Championship.  Who are the best roll players to wear silver and black?

Malik Rose

Regarded as the ultimate hustle player, Malik Rose was a fan favorite from 1997-2005.  Rose was apart of the inaugural championship squad in 1999 and while his efforts didn't show up on the stat sheet, he was a vital part of the 99 run.  Contributing relentless effort, diving for loose balls, crashing the boards, if it took an extra effort to get it done, it was probably Malik.  Rose won two rings with the Spurs and has since retired.  Ask anyone who's a trues Spurs fan and they'll know who Malik Rose is.

Robert Horry

Big shot Bob.  You don't just get that name overnight.  Robert Horry was known for hitting big shots his entire career.  While the man already had five rings before joining the Spurs in 2003, he added two more during his tenure in San Antonio.  His most famous moment as a Spur came in game five of the 2005 NBA Finals where he hit a go ahead three with under ten seconds left in the game.  With the series tied at two games, Horry's shot sealed the victory and ultimately the championship for San Antonio.

Speedy Claxton

Claxton only played 54 games for the Spurs, regular and post season combined, but he was crucial to the 2003 playoff run.  With a still green Tony Parker heading the offense, Claxton was actually closing games out over Tony.  Speedy wasn't a Spur for very long but without his on point decision making in crunch time, the Spurs may not have won it all in 2003.

Stephen Jackson

Captain Jack, as his fans know him, played for the Spurs from 01-03 and again from 11-13.  His best season was the 2002-2003 season where he averaged 11.8 points per game in the regular season and 12.8 in the playoffs.  Along with added offense off the bench, Jack brought a certain toughness and attitude to the team which I feel is needed to win a championship.  While things ended roughly both times he parted ways with the Spurs (first chasing money and second arguing with Pop about playing time), he was still a great role player while he was in San Antonio and he has the ring to prove it.

Patty Mills

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Patty Mills could start on, at least, ten other teams in the NBA.  He was a huge factor in the 2014 Championship run.  Providing explosive offense and tenacious defense, he also gave Tony Parker much needed rest.  On any given night Patty could drop 30, and we've seen it happen when Pop infamously sits stars on a nationally televised game.  Coming back from a shoulder injury in January, Mills will undoubtedly be crucial to a Spurs repeat in 2015.

I'm certain there's more players out there worthy of this list.  These are just my top five.  If you have any you'd like to add to the list, feel free to leave me a comment.