Will Triston Wade be the first UTSA Player to be Drafted?

While this season of football wasn't what anyone at UTSA expected nor hoped for, there is a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel.  The one bright spot on this year's Roadrunners was Senior Safety Triston Wade.  During the 2014 season, Wade racked up four interceptions, 47 solo tackles, ten passes defended, and was in on virtually every defensive play.  Could Triston Wade be UTSA's first player to be drafted in the upcomming 2015 NFL Draft?

CBS has Wade at number 29 on the pre-draft rankings.  However, their sample of Wade's work is small.  We have seen plenty of players who are projected to go undrafted move up the ranks during the Combine and mini camps.  From my expirience, being a season ticket holder and covering the team since its birth, Wade can play with the best of the free safeties going into the Draft.  In UTSA's two marquee matchups against Arizona and Oklahoma St, Wade totaled for 12 tackles.  The question with him isn't whether he has the talent, its whether he will show it at the Combine.  With so little chance for guys at small schools like this, if he doesn't do something to stand out from the rest, he'll surely be passed up.

So, will Triston Wade make history and become the first player to be drafted out of UTSA?  I think he could be time will tell.