The NFL Doesn't Give a Damn About Player Safety

Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports
Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell keeps shoving the narrative of player safety down our throats.  Its lead to outlandish penalties on defensive players simply doing their job and tackling the opposition.  Rules like "the Brady Rule" where you can't so much as sneeze on a quarterback without getting fifteen yards tacked on.  This, apparently, is all int he name of "player safety."  However, there are some major flaws in Goodell and company's agenda.  

If player safety is the number one goal, why is Goodell lobbying to extend the regular season by two games?  Is sixteen games not already grueling enough?  Are there not enough players who tear, pull, or break something within the already strenuous NFL schedule?  How does adding two more games, one, advocate player safety, and, two, help the drama of the game at all?  I, for one, am content with the current format of a seventeen week schedule and a bye week for every team.  If Goodell were a true proponent for player safety, he'd decrease the amount of games and up the number of bye weeks, much like college football.  But, let's not get hasty.  I don't think anyone wants less football.

Another flaw in Goodell's story I've noticed over the passed couple weeks.  This week will mark two consecutive weeks where a team plays on Sunday Night Football and follows it up with an appearance on Thursday Night Football.  Last week it was the Denver Broncos, this week the New Orleans Saints.  If the commish is so worried about the health of players, why is he allowing this to happen?  If Roger Goodell can sit there with a straight face and tell us that three days is enough time to recuperate from a Sunday night game and play again, I'd say he should run for Congress because he'd fit right in.  I don't think I'm alone in thinking we shouldn't have Thursday night games at all but if we must, it should be two teams coming off a bye or, at the least, who played a noon game on the Sunday before.

Pick a side Mr. Goodell.  Either protect your players with your ridiculous penalties and adequate rest after games or the latter.  Don't "push" an agenda of player saftey just to save face in the ongoing law suit with former players.  Its obvious you don't really care about player safety and the fact that you think we're stupid enough to think you do is insulting.