Washington Redskins Change Logo to Potato (Parody)

In an attempt to please both sides of the "should the Redskins change their name" debate, Washington owner, Daniel Snyder announced earlier today he came up with a simple solution he believes will make both parties happy.  No he's not changing the name, simply changing the team's logo to a Redskin Potato.  Snyder released this information earlier today in a press conference:

"The Washington Redskins' name has been an icon of the NFL for over eight decades, changing the name would, not only, diminish the accomplishments of the fore fathers of the franchise, but also my wallet as the jersey is really really cool.  Having said that, I understand how devistating the name must be to all the Native Americans no one has cared to ask about the matter.  By simply changing the logo to a Redskin Potato, we can preserve this storied franchise's name as well as make a crap load of money teaming with Lay's Potato Chips.  It is with great honor, I stand before you and share our new team Motto: Redskins, we'll sack you before you sack us."

I, for one, commend Snyder for recognizing the feelings of the people in Washington who take it upon themselves to tell us how people of other races feel about current issues that they've created for their own political agenda, it really shows his courage and compassion.  As for the new logo, I couldn't be any happier.  I mean, Cowboys have been boiling and eating potatoes long before John Wayne and company fought with the Native Americans.  Not to mention it was a much easier battle as well.  I'm just happy we can move passed the negative conotation of the name "Redskins" and, instead, put some butter and garlic salt on it and enjoy a delicious side dish.