Does Arizona Beating Oregon Make UTSA's Loss Sting More?

Last night the Arizona Wildcats shocked the world by upsetting the Oregon Ducks 31-24 and if you're a UTSA Roadrunner fan, you can't help but remember the heartbreaker in the Alamodome on September 4th where the Runners came up three points short of an upset over the Wildcats.  Does this make UTSA fans feel validated as a real FBS program, or does it sting even more knowing the Roadrunners let a BIG upset slip away at home?

After starting the season beating Houston on the road, the Roadrunners lost a tight game at home against Arizona.  Something seemed to have changed with UTSA after that game, and not in a good way.  After losing the following week to a very solid Oklahoma State team in Stillwater, UTSA played its Conference USA opener against Florida Atlantic on the road.  The effort was not there.  There were way too many dropped balls and bonehead penalties.  Although they lead by ten late in the fourth quarter, UTSA dropped an L and went to 1-3 (0-1) on the season.  For a team who is primed to win the Conference USA, this was a huge upset and not the start the team was hoping for.

My question is, will seeing Arizona beat Oregon boost the player's confidence as it will show they have the potential to be a great team?  Or will it bring back the memory of the stinging loss in week two and be a detriment on the remainder of the season?  As a fan of the Runners, I really hope for the former rather than the latter.  I guess time will tell.

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