FCC: Blur Out Washington Redskins' Logo

On Tuesday, the FCC banned TV and radio personalities from saying the name "Redskins" on live broadcasts.  Can I, first, go ahead and point out how hypocritical our nation is yet?  Why does it seem people are OK with the FCC flexing its bureaucratic muscles and threatening to fine broadcasters if they call a team by its name, yet when Bill Simmons drops a huge F-Bomb on his podcast and dares his employer ESPN to do something about it, we scream "First Amendment!" at the top of our lungs after he gets suspended?

In my opinion, this move by the FCC is just another example of political bull crap in Washington.  This is just another instance where a group of (majority) white politicians are telling us what's offensive to a race they know nothing about!  I mean really, has anyone stopped and asked Native Americans how they feel about the issue?  The answer is yes, and their feelings towards the name are not how the media portrays it (surprise, surprise).

Furthermore, is the term Redskin even derogatory and racist?

In an excerpt from David Skinner's "The Real History of the Word Redskin. It's Not What You Think." He explains where the term "Redskin" was actually derived, and its not what the media would like you to think.  

"Redskin, he (Indian language scholar Ives Goddard of the Smithsonian Institution) learned, had not emerged first in English or any European language. The English term, in fact, derived from Native American phrases involving the color red in combination with terms for flesh, skin, and man. These phrases were part of a racial vocabulary that Indians often used to designate themselves in opposition to others whom they (like the Europeans) called black, white, and so on."

So, if the term itself was derived by American Indians to describe themselves, as well as whites and blacks, how can it be racist?  Is this just another "issue" Washington is pushing on us to digress our attention away from real social problems?  That is a topis for another blog site.  However, if the FCC is really forsing this because or some moral high ground, shouldn't they also blur the endzones and helmets during the games?