ESPN: Samuel Dalembert Projected Starting Center for Spurs

Someone at ESPN is either still drunk from having too much #ThirstyThursday fun or actually thinks Tiago Splitter and Samuel Dalembert are the same person.  Poor Splitter, the man plays out of his mind during the Spurs' 2014 Championship run and still gets no respect from "The Mothership."  

If Bill Simmons calling Roger Goodell a "f-ing liar" on his podcast warrants a suspension, mixing up Tiago Splitter with Samuel Dalembert should result in termination.  In reality, I don't expect anything other than disrespect from ESPN.  they even cut Pop's conference short to bring you Lebron James.  Spurs will continue winning (a lot) and flying under the radar for they're 16th consecutive year.  Whcih just so happens to match their playoff streak and streak of 50+ win seasons.  Say what you will about Skip Bayless but he's the only person at ESPN (besides San Antonio native Michelle Beadle) who never doubts Pop and the Spurs year in and year out.

Still, we can all have a good chuckle at unamed ESPN intern's expense, assuming the kid's still employed there.