And the Dallas Cowboys Soap Opera Begins

The Cowboys are sitting at 2-1 through week 3 of the season and coming off consecutive road wins.  What, before the season, looked to be a sure fire loss in week four now looks like a winnable game at home vs a, thus far, disappointing New Orleans team.  So, naturally, it was time for Jerry Jones to publicly anounce that Cornerback Morris Claiborne will be taking a back seat this week because his performance is not what they hoped for.  Don't get me wrong, benching Claiborne is the right move (although I don't think Scandrick will be the savior of that horrendous secondary) but Jerry should have handled the situation in house instead of calling Claiborne out publicly.  

Let's dive even further into this, though.  Can anyone really blame Claiborne for under performing when he's seen a new Defensive Coordinator every season?  It's a classic case of what I like to call "Jason Campbell Syndrome."  How can we put so much pressure on guys to perform, yet change the system they play in year after year?  If Dallas could have stuck with a DC, maybe Claiborne wouldn't stink (maybe the entire defense wouldn't).  Ultimately, as with everything wrong with the Cowboys, this comes back to Jerry Jones and his failed attempt at running America's Team.  However, it wouldn't be football season without drama in the Big D.