If Goodell Goes Down Does he Take the NFL With Him?

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports
Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

You've heard about it none stop for the passed week.  The NFL supposedly botched a cover up of the Ray Rice video where he knocked his then fiance out in an Atlantic City elevator.  Now many are calling for the NFL to fire Commissioner Roger Goodell.  Well, remember the saying "be careful what you wish for?"

True, Goodell has heard some complaints from fans about how he runs things, but most of them are minor like no dunking the goal post or ridiculous penalties on defensive players.  For the most part, however, when it comes to the big decisions, Goodell has made the right call (ie Bounty Gate and Aaron Hernandez).  Knowing Goodell's history to "rule with an iron fist," why do we now think he has been protecting Ray Rice and covering up the video?  Is it because of the audio recording of a supposed NFL employee acknowleding the receipt of said viedo in April?  How do we know the person didn't hold the video for black mail at alater date?  Don't get me wrong, if Goodell's guilty. he should go.  I just think our society has kneejerk reactions to situations like this and come to a prejudement before gathering all the facts.

Now, the question is, if Goodell, guilty or not, gets fired does he take the NFL down with him.  There's no doubt Goodell has built the NFL into America's favorite sport.  The commissioner has ratings soaring through the roof and is in charge (and responsible) for a multi billion dollar industry.

There are only two institutions in this country with the power to create almost limitless amounts of money. One is the Federal Reserve. The other is the National Football League. The Fed is run by Ben Bernanke, the NFL by Commissioner Roger Goodell. And Goodell is having a much better season. 
-The Commissioner

Who's to say if the NFL gets rid of Goodell, the NFL doesn't go down with him?  Who can step in and run such a high powered machine and continue its reign of dominance?  Bottom line, if the guy's guilty, he needs to go.  Morals are more important than money (at least that's what they say in church).  However, if the NFL goes down as the aftermath, I won't be here to say "I told you so" because I'll be just as down in the dumps as everyone else.

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