Jerry Jones Accused of Sexual Assault

Dallas, TX- Cowboys owner and General Manager, Jerry Jones, is in the headlines again.  This time, however, its not for his terrible knowledge of the game but rather his terrible knowledge of how to keep one of his concubines quiet.

Jones has been sued by Jana Weckerly for alleged sexual assault in "a Dallas hotel sometime in May or June 2009."  This seems as nothing more than an attempt by Weckerly to obtain "hush money" from Jones.  If it were that life altering, Weckerly would have pursued justice from Jones immediately after the "assault" occured.  My best guess, this won't even make it to court.  Jones will, most likely, pay Weckerly her measly (measly to Jones at least) $1 million in exchange for her silence about any indiscretion that may have occured between them.  This story will be on ESPN for a few days and then we'll never hear of it again.  That's not to say I'm not just like any other Cowboys' fan hoping and praying Jones does something boneheaded resulting in Goodell to force the sell of the Cowboys (hopefully to someone a little more competent), I just don't think this "scandal" will do the trick.  Sorry Cowboys fans, where stuck with the jerk until further notice.  

As for Weckerly, a little peice of advice.  If you're going to go after JJ, you got to make it worth his while.  $1 million to Jerry is like buying that $5 cup of joe from Starbucks for the rest of us.  Its a pain, but we'll still shell it out to get what we want.  He'll write a check, sell a few Dez Bryant or Tony Romo jerseys, and come out on top without a care in the world.