UTSA on OSU's Radar

Whether you think the Roadrunners have a legitimate shot at an upset this weekend in Stillwater or not, Mike Gundy and the OSU staff seems to think they do.  "The Oklahoman" seems to be expressing some concern for this week's upcoming match up between Oklahoma State and UTSA at Boone Pickins Stadium. 

“They got a lot of guys back,” Gundy said. “And they were good last year. We were in a battle with them last year. And they went on to have a good season.
“I watched a little bit of their game the other night. They’re aggressive. They played a team from the Pac-12 and played very well. And had a chance to win the game.
“So this game is just like playing a conference game.”
-The Oklahoman

Does UTSA have a real shot at an upset?  Well, if you take in the fact that the Runners have 19 returning starters and the Cowboys have 9.  Its crazy to hear but the Roadrunners actually have the upperhand this year when it comes to expirience.  Having said that, only one C-USA team has ever gone into Boone Pickins and come waya with a W (Southern Miss 2000).  It should aslo be noted that under Mike Gundy the Cowboys are 21-1 against non-conference teams at home.  However, Gundy doesn't seem to see UTSA as a non-conference team, “I think this is a league game for us,” Gundy said. “I told our team that and told it to the press. They are very capable of winning games and having success in the Big 12 conference.”

In any case, Saturday is set to be a competetive contest no matter who comes out on top. As for Coker and the boys, you know they'll be ready to play come Saturday.

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