3 Reasons Why Kawhi Leonard Will be a Superstar in the NBA

1. Greg Popovich

Leonard is learning from one of the greatest minds in the game.  If he listens to what Pop tells him and keeps working hard, there is no telling how good he can be.  Just ask Tony Parker.

2. Efficiency on both sides of the ball

Kawhi has shown his worth on defense as well as offense.  He averaged nearly 12 ppg in his sophomore year and also played a big role for the Spurs' defense, notably in against Lebron James and Dwayne Wade in the Finals.

3. Calm Cool Approach

There is a sense of tranquility when Leonard is on the floor.  Nothing gets to him.  Pop can ask him to guard Lebron James, the best player in the world, and he does so without blinking.  He also doesn't run his mouth, just plays the game.  Sounds like another Spur we've grown familiar with (Tim Duncan).

Add all these up and Kawhi Leonard has a real shot to be the next face of the Spurs Franchise, which is no joke considering what this team has accomplished over the years.  Keep an eye on this kid, he's bound to break out this season!